News regarding the highly-anticipated Uncharted film was provided by Deadline. This film has been in rotation since 2007, with numerous scripts being re-built and directors leaving the movie before production. Unfortunately, Deadline confirmed that another director has left the project after disputes amongst studio executives. It’s not known what these issues were from the director of Bumblebee however, it is known that he’s the sixth director to leave the film.

Difficulties with Travis Knight began when Tom Holland had to begin shooting for the third Spider-Man film. Deadline believes that this obligation caused Knight to leave the project, as delays were expected to last upwards of six months. Though Knight has left, Tom Holland remains committed to this film. Going forward, PlayStation and Sony Productions must locate an entirely new director and this could result in slight changes to the storyline. However, Deadline confirmed that whichever director is confirmed going forward, they won’t have any creative control over the storyline. This is just another bump on the 13-year saga of Hollywood’s Uncharted.

Previous directors that were attached to this film include Shawn Levy, who produced Arrival. The Executive Producer of Pixels, Seth Gordon, was signed on to directly afterwards and when he quit, an unknown director named Neil Burger was hired. However, he left after significant creative disputes and that prompted David Russel from Silver Linings Playbook to sign on, who quickly was terminated before Travis Knight.

With the assistance of these six directors, a solidified storyline is available for the next man who takes the helm. It’s known that the Uncharted Movie will act as a prequel to the first came from 2007. This means flashback moments from Uncharted 3 and 4 could be implemented into the storyline. Tom Holland is playing the younger Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg is playing Victor Sullivan. These are the perfect casting choices, as they can pla1y their respective roles for decades going forward.

The Game Franchise

Hollywood was desperate to acquire the film rights for Uncharted, as it supports a similar feeling to Indiana Jones. The video game franchise is considered to be PlayStation’s most versatile and exciting, with players travelling the globe in search of treasure. It spawned four games for Nathan Drake, seeing a character develop from a young man into an adult. There was even a fifth game with re-introduced characters previously seen in other entries. Fans of this series have eagerly awaited another entry, which most likely won’t come until the PlayStation 5. It now seems those same fans will have to wait a few more years for the arrival of the Uncharted Film.