An anonymous hotline for film production staff working under the Warner Brothers banner has been created. Its purpose is to ensure that COVID-19 Safety Violations aren’t broken and that when production leaders are found not abiding protocols, fines are implemented. Warner Brother prompted this hotline as two of their films are slated to resume filming over the next few weeks, with those including “The Batman” and “Fantastic Beasts Three”. Warner Brothers are concerned that with significant sets there’ll be outbreaks if protocols aren’t maintained. Personnel making reports won’t be revealed or at-risk of losing their job.

COVID-19 Guidelines are being implemented by all production houses in Hollywood, with their respective films returning to shooting by August 1st. Most nations worldwide have reopened their economies to production crews, with their temporary economic involvement garnering substantial tax revenues for international governments. It’s known that Jurassic World: Dominion from Universal Pictures restarted earlier this month, with set photos showcasing a largescale action scene.

Sony Pictures “Uncharted” with Tom Holland began filming on July 18th, which has been praised by fans of this franchise. The Uncharted movie has struggled over five years to enter production status, often losing directors or actors because of creative differences. Those employed with the Uncharted production will receive two COVID-19 tests per week, with a coronavirus security officer providing governance over this set. It’s notably different than what’s been seen with Warner Brothers, who remarked that their workforce would portray a “Strict Police Force” that directors & producers haven’t seen before. Sony is taking a different approach to ensure that their primary creators don’t feel targeted & leave the Uncharted production, forcing another delay.

The Hotline

Warner Brothers Executive Vice President of Physical Production, Kevin Tre, provided clarification over their anonymous hotline. Kevin emphasized that anonymous reports won’t be revealed after the coronavirus pandemic and that Warner Brother Executives were prompted into this decision after attending an industry-wide panel. This digital panel showed Warner Brothers that individual studios would approach COVID-19 enforcement at the minimum level, with their production sets not wanting to follow suit. Subsequently, Warner Brothers are abiding by suggestions make through the United Kingdom National Health Service.