The release date for Wonder Woman 1984 has been postponed following the continued coronavirus pandemic. This virus has been detrimental to the entertainment industry, with multiple films slated for theatres being released On-Demand. This extends to various productions being shut down and numerous films being postponed. Cancellations and postponements from the entertainment industry have been accomplished to limit the spread of Covid-19. It should be mentioned that multiple movie theatres and entertainment venues have been temporarily shut down as well. Those who’d be willing to risk their safety won’t have the opportunity following these closures.

Covid-19s circumstances have prompted the cancellations of Hollywood’s next two calendar months. Films expected for May and April were forced into postponement following the government conditions on Covid-19. Those conditions include a limitation on mass gatherings, with ten people allowed in the same location. Self-Isolation Measures with potential enforcement protocols have ensured that there have been minimal mass gatherings. However, some have ignored legislation and met in large quantities. This extended to Spring Break at Daytona Beach, where thousands could be seen in one area.

Box Office Records Zero Revenue

The United States Box Office Commission announced that zero revenues were recorded during the March 20th to 22nd weekend. This followed the closure of all nationals’ theatres for the public safety of citizens. It’s the 1st time in history that Hollywood has earned zero profits in one weekend, with WWI and WWII seeing cinemas remain open to curbing national depression. Considering that the Covid-19 Pandemic is slowing down shortly, there’ll be continued impacts to the entertainment industry.

The financial losses associated with Covid-19 extend beyond these large-scale corporations. Independent businesses with minimal profits will be most affected by the pandemic. It’s expected that numerous companies will shut down following Covid-19. Multinational corporations aren’t immune to the conditional effects of this virus, with the tourism industry also facing significant declines in value. The entertainment industry is right behind them, with all their products and venues being deemed “Non-Essential Services”. The minimal conjuncture of citizens in one location has forced unions to implement shut down policies. It’s suspected that all these closures are costing Hollywood $400 million daily.